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Stumbling into the world of theatre was a wonderful accident on our creative journey.  "How hard can it be?" I asked John Merrigan, my collaborator, and it wasn't long before I understood.  It has grown into a passion and on the way we have worked with some incredible people, exploring a new way of expression through our writing.  Here are some of the projects we completed.

Danielle Morgan - Theatre Projects

All productions are original and copyright of Fatdan Productions Ltd (2019-2023)    All rights reserved


2024: "MOONLIGHT" 
The Philip Lynott Enigma

(in development)

The story of Philip Lynott, lead singer of Irish band Think Lizzy.  A deeper portrait of the poet, writer and dreamer before the global fame. 

Premier in August 2024.

Moonlight - Poster V7.jpeg

The Demise of Oscar Wilde

Set in 1895, the story tracks the fall from grace of the literary genius Oscar Wilde.  A musical drama.

vengeance poster w all dates (20-1-22).jpg

2023: "BRENDAN"  Son of Dublin debut February at ICC - London, and the Tung Auditorium (Liverpool Irish Festival - Oct)

Exploring the complexity of Irish playwright Brendan Behan's short life through the events and people that shaped his story.  A Musical drama.  Plans to tour UK / Ireland in 2024.

Brendan LIF Poster V7-2.jpg

2020:  "The Story of Love in The Harbour"

A love story set in WW1 that blends fact and fiction to highlight the futility of war. 

LITH Flier V3 (Front).jpg
Overture Extract from Vengeance
LITH - Irish Radio Promo (18-12-20)
ICC - Finale
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