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London-based singer/songwriter Danielle Morgan writes and performs with passion and attitude.  Those who have seen her "live" write and talk about how they are uplifted by her  original melodies, delivered with real power and honest emotion.  Diverse in topic & eclectic in mood, and drawing on her strong Irish roots and London upbringing, Danielle writes about her life experiences that everyone can relate to and interpret for themselves.


Danielle graduated from the world-famous BRIT School in London.  Recorded at London’s Abbey Road Studios, Danielle released her debut EP, ‘The Session’, and has not looked back since with her music widely played and streamed all around the globe.  She has composed over 200 original songs with co-writer John Merrigan, and worked with highly credited producers TheRealJonSmith, Alan Sampson, David Courtney and Nick Hook, among others.


In January 2020, Danielle focused her talents on a new musical drama “The Story of Love in the Harbour” in which she performed her compositions with a live orchestra in a stirring historical romance set in Ireland and front-line France during WW1. The production was adapted to an audio / radio format, achieving  international airplay in 15 countries.  2020 also saw the release of her EP “The Faces of Danielle Morgan” further showing her versatility as an artist, and the year ended on a high with the release of 4 more new tracks, in her EP “Locked Down”, featuring diverse genres of rock, soul and reggae.  In addition, an emotional Christmas song “Christmas Like The Old Days” was released in December 2021.  Collectively, the tracks achieved over one million streams.


2022 saw Danielle co-write a new musical drama theatre production, “Vengeance” about the life of playwright Oscar Wilde.  Featuring original book written by John Merrigan, the show played to critical acclaim, receiving endorsement from the influential Oscar Wilde Society.  


In February 2023, Danielle returned to theatre once more, composing the music for “Brendan – Son of Dublin”, about the life of Brendan Behan.  After a successful debut at the ICC in London, the show was perform to strong reviews at the Tung Auditorium on 28/10/23, as part of the Liverpool Irish Festival.  Plans are underway to bring the show to London and Dublin in 2024.   The release of a further EP “Summer Songs” acted as a stepping-stone for live performances over the summer months.   In October, Daniele recorded a full band live set video performance, featuring 16 songs which was streamed on Lounges TV.  

Further new tracks are set for release in early 2024, and a new album “Explore The layers” for release at end March.


Danielle continues to work with her trusted and brilliant collaborators and band members: John Merrigan (drums) / David Barbour (guitar) / Peter Rutherford (bass) / Lucy Dee (backing vocals) / Rob McCann (harmonica), Lyndsey Punton (guitar) and Brian Hughes (keyboards).

Danielle Morgan

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