From Fatdan Productions & The Harbour Theatre Company

“The Story of Love in the Harbour” is a remarkable musical dramatization of the romance between Captain George McElroy, an RAF officer and a young Irish girl, Grace Guinan, who fight with passion to preserve their love at a time of huge turmoil in the world.  Based on the play by Eddie Alford, this World War 1 drama is set on the front-line in France and in rural Ireland and innovatively combines true events with a fictionalized love story.  The themes of this powerful anti-war story are conveyed through stirring scene enactments on stage and compelling narration.  The beautiful all-original music and songs performed live by Danielle Morgan and her orchestra, convey deep emotions that lead us to reflect on the true meaning of heroism, sacrifice, and love.


Based on live recording of the performance 2020.


Musical Collaborator: Andrew Dascalopoulos

Orchestration by Liam Jurgens

Post-Production by Alistair Lock


Format: MP3 digital file

Duration: approx 54 mins.


All Rights Reserved 2020  

The Story of Love in The Harbour (Audio Omnibus)